Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Outsourcing Cooking

I once had this idea if I ever become a stay-at-home dad. Glad to see that someone tried it and it worked out very well for him.


Anonymous said...

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Quest said...

sorry, just fixed it.

asoom said...

This person is exactly on my sa,e train of thought. Aside from the free time, I always thought that if I make more money an hour than it would cost to hire someone to do housework and chores for me than it would make perfect sense to do that as well.

In my family home we have some household chores outsourced (15$/hr is all it costs) which is something my dad complains about endlessly, but I think it makes a huge difference to my mom's well being to have those hours in the day freed up and thus totally worth the money.

Also the people cleaning your home do this for a living and can be more efficient thus getting more done than we would in the same amount of time.

Anonymous said...

If you became a stay-at-home dad, shouldn't that give you more of a reason to want to cook? I'd expect that you would have more time on your hands. Unless you managed to have 5 kids in less than 6 years of marriage just like your typical Arab and then had no time for anything but changing diapers, putting the kids to sleep, taking them to school, deciplining etc. Then the outsourced cooking, house chores, gardening would be a brillian idea.
I'm not being racist, I'm an Arab myself and am really amazed by some Arab mothers with the 5-8 kids who seem to be managing really well. sheesh I can't imagine handling 2, let alone 5.

Eid Mubarak All :)

A Happy Hijabi said...

i know plenty of people who have cleaning services in their home but cooking is FUN.

eh whatever :)

Krystal Bell said...

A typical Arab has 5 children in less than 6 years,is that true?

I have 4 children and my ex husband was in the US military.I had 1 of my children at a US army hospital in the state of Kansas where at the time that county had one of the highest birth rate in all of United States of America.

I wonder about the typical military family in the USA,how many members are in the household?

Anonymous said...

To Krystal,
Hi, I was actually being a bit sarcastic in that comment I made. But in general a lot of Arabs do have many children, it's not unusual in anyway. We are 5 siblings in my family and there is 7-8 years age difference between my oldest and youngest sibling. I have relatives with 10 children.