Sunday, September 21, 2008

Two Iftars

Two mosques. Both had good food. Good adhan. And helpful organizers.

One was completely segregated. I didn't even see my biological sister (whom I knew was at the iftar).

The other was mixed. Families sat together. You're free to roam about. No tension in the air. Everyone's friendly and open to talk. Mother, father, sit beside each other, among other couples whom they are friends with, and their daughters and sons. You get the picture.

Both mosques are in need of money. Which one is getting mine?


Tammy said...

I don't understand why some musjids make it soo segregated. It's like we women have cooties? I think you can donate to a musjid that you always attend or to a musjid where people don't donate so much generously. I don't know.

ACuriousChristian said...

So why the segregation? Where does that originate from?

Anonymous said...

The segregated one hopefully :)

Anonymous said...

the church down the street

sophister said...

hopefully both, with a 60/40 split favoring the one you favor.

A Happy Hijabi said...

the mixed mosque

muslim man said...

wow, "mixed mosque" is such an oxymoron! lol
sister tammy, masjids have it segregated not because "you women" have cooties, but because "we men" have strong sexual desires and attraction towrds "you women", so if the masjid is segregated, then not much worship takes place there. I wonder how much of remembering Allah is the brother doing who is sitting next to the sister who is not covered up properly?!

The Muslim Kid said...

I agree with the Muslim Man right above me!

Mosque have to be segregated..

I'm in Highschool and we had an Iftar party to educate people about Ramadan and we had patricians, later the school paper published an article abut the dinner and the leader of the club gave a quote about the separation.

"Islam values Modesty as one its highest ideals and thus the patricians separated the two genders and makes being modest easier for all"

But yea, I looked it up and found out there were no patricians in the time in the time of the prophet, there was no niqab either.

But the scholars of fiqh, I'm Hanafi and Imam Hanafi said that if anything causes fitna it is wrong. In today's society not wearing niqab causes fitna (some people will argue this, its just my view) and then being un separated is completely fitna.

But im from a very conservative version of I've been told.

Nice blog! I thought this would definitely be a female blogger, nice to know a male blogger looking for Ms. Perfect and not a female looking for Mr. Perfect (too many of those already)

-The Muslim Kid-

Anonymous said...

The first 30ish seconds of the video will answer your question.